PrettyGreen take on the Optimum Nutrition Challenge

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When we learnt that Optimum Nutrition had teamed up with leading health and fitness title Men’s Fitness in a quest to find the UK’s ultimate athlete, we were straight to the gym. Er… to watch, that is, not to train…

No, we’re perfectly happy to admit that sadly Team PG doesn’t quite cut it as masters in the fitness world (too much gin and burritos) and judging by the athletic prowess on show at last Saturday’s event, we were made to feel like the only ones who couldn’t lift a house. These guys were machines, and the fact that every single competitor beat the ‘pro time’ set by Men’s Fitness the day before proves this. It wasn’t easy either – we’re talking a 875m row split into three segments, burpee pull-ups, 40kg thrusters and medicine ball sit ups. And yes, there was vomit.

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Grunts, sweat, and a bucket full of testosterone later, athletes refuelled at Optimum Nutrition’s insanely scrumptious casein fro-yo bar, while shots (not in that sense, sadly) of Gold Standard Pre-Workout were served in abundance to the next bout of tanks ready to tackle the challenge at Crossfit Perpetua. Optimum Nutrition athletes were in the house too, offering advice, workout tips, and nutrition hints at every opportunity, ensuring every contestant present (and PGers James and Rosie!) could go even further improving their bodies. Or should that be temples?

Of course, Team PG couldn’t resist having a go themselves, and we duly proceeded to perform a set of thrusters with possibly the worst form on show (obviously to make the others feel better…). Check out our attempts below, and in the meantime, go forth Spartans and #UPGRADE your workouts yourselves. Optimum Nutrition certainly have the tools to speed up construction, and Rome wasn’t built in a day, after all…

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