The Seedlings return to PrettyGreen

Last week we held our latest ‘Seedling Session’ in the PrettyGreen office, this time with girls aged 11-15.

Apart from reminding us how old we were, the ‘Seedlings’ let us know what is important in their world, who their influencers are, and what products they most desire.
The top three lessons from the day were:

How content they are with parental relationships. Unlike the teens of yesteryear, the girls we spoke to did not feel that their parents encroached on their lives, or stopped them having fun in any way. We heard hardly any of the complaints we were expecting about parents and a few girls explained how important their parents were in their lives. TV is seen as an opportunity to socialise with parents, with big Saturday night shows drawing the generations together.

The role of Youtubers and bloggers. Whilst we heard about the usual suspects in the vlogging world (as well as discovering some new names) the girls were surprisingly product-focused when seeking out content. We had hypothesised that they would be following individual bloggers, or heading direct to certain trusted media online; when in fact Google and the YouTube were nearly always the start points for any passion. The Seedlings were happy to take advice from anywhere and could spot a promoted feature a mile off.

The uncompromising commitment to Snapchat.
Snapchat is, without question, the social media of choice for this group, who do not miss a day of communication with their best friends. Young girls are very aware of issues around privacy, and the direct nature of Snapchat makes it feel very safe. Our Seedlings taught us about hacks and tricks within the platform, and explained how they have been hooked into daily communication by Snapchat’s ingenious ‘streaks’, which count up interactions so as to rate friendships. We compared Snapchat to other forms of social media and discussed where and how each is used. The quote of the day has to be a 14 year old who told us, “Urgh, I never use Facebook. My NAN’s on Facebook.”
‘Seedlings’ is an extension of our bespoke research tool ‘Grapevine’ – a qualitative methodology made up of a networked panel of consumers who provide us with deep, high quality audience insight on behalf of our clients. The panel consults with us on an ongoing basis: sharing their lives via surveys, video diaries, photos and conversations, as well as coming in to consult on projects. Grapevine and Seedlings are UK wide and demographically broad, so get in touch if you’d like to talk to them.