PrettyGreen scores with Virgin Media’s new Twenty’s Plenty campaign

We like to consider ourself dedicated football fans here at PG HQ, which is why we were especially pleased to be appointed by Virgin Media to support their new Twenty’s Plenty campaign.


As part of the ‘Twenty’s Plenty’ campaign, Virgin Media through its partnership with the Football Supporters Federation, is reimbursing the costs of supporters’ tickets above £20 for a single away fixture at all top-tier clubs – with the majority of matches held between 15 and 23 April.


The ground-breaking initiative recognises the loyalty and commitment away fans show their club throughout the season and follows the FSF’s call to the Premier League and clubs to make ticket prices more affordable for visiting fans.


It definitely gets the thumbs up from us…and also the media, with us scoring (see what we did there?) over 50 pieces of coverage since the campaign kicked-off (we’ll stop now) with plenty more to come before the final whistle is blown (definitely now).