PrettyGreen Living List

Here at PrettyGreen HQ we’re all about Life Defining Moments, and what better way to make those moments happen than the PrettyGreen Living List (we felt Bucket List was too negative).

We all know what it’s about – if you don’t there’s a terrible Jack Nicolson and Morgan Freeman film that’s worthy of a bucket list entry in its own right. The whole team has thought long and hard about what to enter and how they will make 2015 unforgettable…some more boldly than others.


While Maccers will be determinedly shaking her massive fan of wine reputation whilst travelling all the way to Paris…to have a glass of wine, Leigh will be bravely/moronically (delete as appropriate) taking on a Sumo wrestler in Japan. Tim will be partaking in a tandem skydive, as will Dan he just doesn’t know it yet and Ella is going to drive a Lambrini, or was that a Lamborghini? Potato, potahto and either way it’ll be pretty life defining. Skipper will be impressing us all with her Argentinian Tango (Vincent Simone not included) and we wont see Grabbers as he’ll be in a basement (I’m assuming) brewing his own beer. However the most amount of epic lad points go to Sam Stocking who has pledged to surf Snowdonia – so cool we don’t even understand what it means but it sounds incredibly ‘rad’.


We will keep you updated on the whole team’s progress on the office living wall, which will include photographic evidence of everybody’s feats. Check back to see how we’re getting on, 2015…we’re coming for you.

Who’s vowed to do what…

Name Activity
Bea Chew Traditional Mayan Healing in Mexico
Ben Knight Training on how to deliver the most amazing speech
Bianca Daisy Sewing Machine Class
Charlotte Jones Dinner at the Shard/Ski session
Chris Grabowski To brew his own beer
Claire MacDonald A trip to Paris to have a glass of wine and people watch
Dan Green To attend a silk screen workshop and learn to print on T-Shirts
Debbie Longmuir Helicopter ride over London town
Ella Holbrook Wants to drive a Lamborghini/Lambrini
Emily Koppit Learn to ski
Emma Grace Hot Yoga course
Emma Skipper Learn the Argentinian Tango
Emma Wills To do a sailing refresher course
Faye Neighbour Charity hike
Jack Swallow Going somewhere he doesn’t want to go! (SWEDEN)
Jade Lancashire Is going to dye her hair purple
James Hartnett Do a PADI course
James Mott Celebratory honeymoon/dinner at a Michelin star restaurant in New York in September
Jessica Hardgreaves Facial acupuncture
Jo Hudson Learn the skill of basic editing/social experiments
Kate Morrison Will do a furniture painting course
Katie Hunter Cocktails in Chateau Marmont (LA)
Kezia Anim-Addo Volunteering at a maternity unit in Ghana (donating items)
Kylie Black Personal Training sessions
Leigh Ireland Take on a Sumo wrestler in Japan
Lucy Mart Learn pottery in Poole
Lucy Porter Learn to play the drums
Mark Stringer To write a book
Mike Flatly Try Via Farreta, hopefully in Dolomites
Nicola Hunter See Gaudi’s work in Barcelona
Rhea Werner-Cheshire To watch Swan Lake to the Royal Opera House
Rosie Everard Zip World in Wales, Velocity the fastest zip line in the WORLD!
Sam Stocking To surf Snowdonia
Sarah Henderson To see a Flamenco show in Madrid
Sean Watkins Learn to use Logic Pro music software
Sian Baker Learn to Trapeze
Susie Richardson Dinner at the Cliff in Barbados
Tim Beer Tandem Skydive