PrettyGreen goes Underground and creates Campaign’s first ever immersive experience conference event

This wasn’t to be an ordinary networking event. Campaign came to PrettyGreen Events and tasked us with taking the guests on an unforgettable journey – diving into their psyches and testing their sense of rationality.


“How do we evolve marketing in a way that shows we understand human behaviour? What experiences can we create to influence the way people want to buy?”


These were a series of questions that Campaign Magazine recently put under the spotlight in their first in a series of ‘anti-conferences’ for Campaign Underground; Applied Captivation and Behavioural Science: The Art of Decision Making.


Held at the Islington Metal Works, guests were invited to listen to inspiring talks from KFC, Ocado, TFL, the HERDmiester, and EPSON, alongside the author of “Decoded. The Science Behind Why We Buy”, Total Media’s Managing Director and Campaign’s Global Editor in Chief.


Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 15.57.25


We wanted to create an immersive and thought provoking experience from the moment guests arrived. On entrance, guests were faced with their first decision – to take the red or the black pill? Who knew if this would change their taste buds for the rest of the evening? Were they brave enough to find out? If yes – then take the pill and then find the 1800’s dark market dealer hidden in the courtyard to finish the experience….


Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 15.58.02


To test their mentality further, they were then offered the opportunity to meet with a Mentalist who could read and control their minds, play on their weaknesses and astound and confuse even the bravest of guests.


Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 15.58.50


Further experiences included dream-inducing marshmallows, flavoured with pipe tobacco, chilli, bacon and tomato soup – certainly not how they appeared but guaranteed to give those who tried, colourful and psychedelic dreams when they shut their eyes that night.


Then finally, the big, life-changing decision. Having been able to watch (and listen to) the resident tattooist creating a work of art on a volunteer’s arm, it was now the turn of the guests. Who wanted to mark the occasion with the ultimate in spontaneous decision making and get a tattoo? Hands up and make your way to the stage (kudos to the three people who left that night with a permanent memento!)


Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 15.59.51


It’s fair to say, that it wasn’t your usual conference and the bar has now been set for the next Campaign Underground event. Where will it be and what is the theme? Well watch this space…we can’t wait to deliver more twists and turns to create another unforgettable afternoon.

Watch this video for the events highlights: