PrettyGreen Get Down and Dirty at Tough Mudder

10.8 miles. 20+ obstacles. Ice baths. Electric shocks. Tear gas. Waist-deep quagmires. And too many hills to recall. For some, this sounds like hell on earth. We couldn’t wait!

Yes, last weekend marked the first UK Tough Mudder of 2015, and the biggest ever on record on our shores, and Team PrettyGreen were proud to be part of it. We say proud, but really we were just more relieved to come out alive and (almost) unscathed. James walked away with blooded elbows and a knee as mobile as a solar-powered car in a thunderstorm, whilst Leigh ‘walked’ away in a fashion only possible when your calves have been shredded constantly for 2-3 hours.

leigh ireland

Beginning with a light Under Armour styled warm-up to a chorus of ‘Hoo-Rah!’ and ‘Hell Yeah!’s (because shouting loudly and showing camaraderie is acceptable here and you’re not in the Tube in rush hour anymore so you are actually allowed to enjoy yourself), the team tackled 12-foot walls, waded through waist-high muddy trenches, crawled under barbed wire, and catapulted themselves off 25-foot platforms… and this was all before the real deal. The sub-zero degree Arctic Enema still gives James nightmares, while Leigh managed to avoid Electroshock Therapy with a small white lie about having run the course before…

james hartnett

Taken with a pinch of salt, the boys soldiered on, navigating successfully between the fleet of ambulances, broken bodies, and general grime, completing the course in a respectable two and a half hours. Cue cider, flapjacks, protein shakes and tuna (which, in reflection, we should have done the other way around), and we were back en-route to London with hearts full and pride brimming out of us amongst the mud and sweat.

Leigh’s already boldly stated he’s doing the next seven events this year, and James is hellbent on ensuring as much of PrettyGreen attend London West in September as possible having all avoided the May event. With the next instalment taking place in a little over three weeks’ time, there’s plenty of time to train yourselves, so what are you waiting for? Go check it out, here…We’ll see you at the start line, Mudder Legion.