Wellies At The Ready!

Yes it is that time of year again. The sun is out, the leaves are appearing on the trees and the grass has almost all grown back. It can only mean that sales of tents, wellies and flamboyant Native American headdresses are on the up.

Yes Ladies and Gentlemen.  Festival season is fast approaching and there will be MUD!

But where there is music, hedonism and hot pants there are thousands of revellers, a mass captivated audience in high spirits. An audience receptive to brand comms that facilitate their experience and enjoyment.

V Festival 2014

Festival brand partnerships can be a great thing. From the large to the small, some are legendary. From the guardian’s association with Glastonbury to Tennents sponsorship of T in the Park to Virgin Media’s ownership of V Festival, as with any relationship, longevity provides strength and a symbiosis that delivers an experience greater than the two individual parts, promoter and brand.

Our PrettyGreen Partners & Co. team, Sean and James are currently scouting for brand partners for the ultimate hospitality experience for VIP’s, journalists and big name celebrities, the Virgin Media Louder Lounge at V Festival.  We are looking to curate the perfect mix of partners to provide opportunities for brands to facilitate the experience of 1,500 key influencers.

Festivals can provide a platform for brands to excel. Take for example, West Country pear crushers, Brothers Cider. For 14 generations they had been making cider that was enjoyed throughout the towns and villages of Somerset. Then in 1995 the decision was made to take a plot near (what was then) the Jazz World Stage at Glastonbury Festival. 20 years on Brothers Cider bar is in the exact same place at the festival and is as much a destination as any of the stages. Due to it’s Glastonbury popularity seven varieties of their cider are distributed nationwide to the on and off trade, transforming a local business into a national company and a very much well loved brand.

Brothers' Bar Glastonbury

Just like Brothers Cider have done, for a brand to create a truly engaging experience at a festival they must align their activation with the festival vibe, ethos and the needs of the festival goers.

If Louder Lounge sounds like something your brand would be interested in, then get in touch! We’d love to hear from you.