PrettyGreen Does Drunk History

We are sure you all vaguely remember History at school…something about Vikings, a bunch of people who battled a lot in Hastings and few sinking ships. However for most people, these lessons involved having a quick nap behind your textbook.

** Disclaimer: Unless you are Joe Orton, in which case this kind of thing really floats your Viking boat (he studied Medieval History at Uni… WTF?!)

Well it turns out things change as the History books got a lot more interesting for a few lucky PGers over the last month when Comedy Central approached us to help shout about their new original commission, Drunk History.

Drunk History

So what is it?

Well, if you haven’t heard of the show yet, you can have a butchers here but be aware, you may need to restrain yourself from snorting out loud with laughter. As the title cleverly gives away, it’s a pretty simple concept… a bunch of Comedy legends (think Russell Kane) have to narrate / slur their way through various historical tales under the influence, whilst their equally talented co-star comics (think Johnny Vegas and Mat Horne) re-enact and lip-sync over the scenes for your viewing pleasure.

And how is PrettyGreen involved?

It’s our absolute pleasure to be working with Comedy Central to build and drive awareness of this brand new show. We will be working with a whole host of incredibly talented online influencers across YouTube, Vine, Twitter and Snapchat to create exclusive and original content to support the series… So if you want to know why fifteen boxes of raspberry tarts, a chimney sweep’s broom, a bucket of coal, a selection of handbags, a granny’s scarf, a wheelbarrow and toy doctor’s set ended up on set yesterday you’ll have to watch this space at the beginning of January 2015.

If you’re curious, you can even watch a sneak peak at Russell Kane’s very own drunk version of the Nativity (co-starring Johnny Vegas, Sally Phillips and Seb Cardinal). So join us by grabbing a beer and enjoying the show… roll on January we say!


Drunk History will be aired at 10pm every Monday from 12th January 2015 on Comedy Central.