PrettyGreen & Disney launched Mickey’s UK Art Collective Exhibition

Last month Mickey Mouse painted the town, black, yellow and red! The True Original, hit an incredible milestone and marked his 90th anniversary and to celebrate, we worked with Disney to create ‘Mickey’s UK Art Collective Exhibition’.


Hosted in Shoreditch, the exhibition showcased brand new Mickey Mouse-inspired artworks, imagined and created by some of the rising stars of the UK’s art scene to celebrate Mickey’s 90th anniversary.


Two headline artists were commissioned for the exhibition: Jimmy C, most famously known for his Davie Bowie work in Brixton, and Michael Bosanko, famed for his vibrant light graffiti art. Together with Disney, they handpicked 10 exceptional emerging artists that created artworks that featured Mickey Mouse in each of their individual styles.



The chosen artists included:  Ashton Attzs, Evening Standard prize winner; Jazz Stan, known for her fusion of traditional fine art techniques and modern street art styles; and Alexandra Krusberg, who is most notably praised for her delicate linework.


Also displayed at the exhibition were: Tenatsa Borerwe; Brook Tate; In Search of Sam; Carl Beazley; Sam Adefe; Pal Kumar; and Fred Coppin.


Sotheby’s had seven rarely seen vintage Mickey Mouse posters on display, with some of the pieces expected to auction for over £30k. Four of the posters are from the 1930s, whilst the others were created in the 1940s and 1950s, dating back to the early days of Mickey Mouse’s existence.


Art by Fred Coppin 


‘Mickey’s UK Art Collective Exhibition’ formed part of Disney’s global art initiative which saw the world celebrating Mickey Mouse and his incredible anniversary with a number of collaborations spanning fashion, food, toys, and accessories worldwide.


The free exhibition took place in Shoreditch for three days across the weekend of Mickey’s official anniversary (18th November) and completely sold out. The campaign secured 144 pieces of coverage across broadcast, national and lifestyle press.


Here’s to another 90 magical years of Mickey!