PrettyGreen challenge some Olympians

Dodgeball. Not an Olympic sport it is true, but is has to be said an athletic, fast, furious and sometimes ferociously fought one, as the PrettyGreen Events team witnessed at the Spots v Stripes Challenge an Olympian Final on Sunday. Thousands entered but only 42 lucky winners were invited to attend the fun-packed day at Wimbledon’s Kings Club to play alongside Rebecca Adlington, Phillip Idowu, Amy Williams and none other than the legend that is Kris Akabusi.


The day started with the professionals (the UK Dodgeball Association) giving 2 teams of Spots (Super Spots and Spots on Target) and 2 teams of Stripes (Striking Stripes and Sharp Shooting Stripes) a run through of the rules with a few hints and tips along the way for how to dip, duck, dive and of course dodge their way to the champion’s trophy.

The teams then had a few warm up games to hone their skills before a lunch break and some team talks from their Olympian leaders. The afternoon was packed with game after game as the tournament proper got underway. Now you may not think that 2 minutes is a long time for a heat but by the red faces, glistening beads of sweat and the hungry determination in the players’ eyes, it was just right to get the pulse racing and release that competitive spirit.

With the Play Professors, our SvS favourites on the mic, the atmosphere was electric. Kris’s Sharp Shooting Stripes took an early lead showing characteristic bravado and to their name, lobbed a few keen shots, but Phillips’s Super Spots soon came back with some killer blows. Unfortunately both the boys’ teams peaked too soon and were sent off for an early bath whereas the girls went from strength to strength. Rebecca, although unmatched in the pool did look a little out of water and let most of her Striking Stripes take the hits (“I was amazing” was actually uttered followed by “I didn’t do anything”) so they faced Amy’s Spots on Target in the final – last girl standing a few times, winning’s obviously in her blood. The tension built and the cheers rose.

RESULT: A phenomenal win by Striking Stripes lead superbly by the lovely Rebecca Adlington rounded up a fantastic day, with a lot of smiles and a lot of tired legs.

There are a few rising stars here so when Dodgeball becomes an Olympic sport one day, remember you saw them for Cadbury Spots v Stripes first. Get your soft purple balls out to play, it’s going to be the new craze.