PrettyGreen become PrettyLean at the Marketing Industry annual Triathlon

PG headed out last Friday for the Marketing Industry Triathlon at Dorney Lake Windsor, the venue for the rowing  in 2012. Although there were no Olympians in the PG team there was a lot of enthusiasm. The somewhat depleted, unprepared and inexperienced PG team was made up of A-Skillz Juddinho and Nick ‘if I buy a really expensive wetsuit it will be fine’ Stocker on the swimming leg. The runners consisted of Tayo (an experienced marathon runner and Si  (who was still buzzing from the Great Shaftesbury Run).  Pete went down a similar route to Nick and armed himself with a brand new beautiful piece of Italian cycling machinery for the cycle to dispel any concerns that his last week of hedonism in the hills of Glastonbury would affect his performance.


The team’s lack of preparation was underlined when after arriving at Windsor train station – no one new the location of the event.  The notion that ‘it must be nearby’ was dispelled when Pete and Si had to endure an hour long 20 kilometre bike ride just to get to the venue.

Nevertheless the team got there in one piece with Nick and A-Skillzz vassing up and helping each other in to their wetsuits ready for the start of the race.

Nick being a natural athlete finished his leg in good time with A-Skillz not far behind after being held up by the carbonated nature of his pre race drink and navigational issues in the lake.  They quickly transferred to piston Pete who took on the cycle leg of the triathlon for both teams due to numbers being down.

Pete sped off looking like a man on speed (nothing to do with Glastonbury) and completed the cycle on the hour mark leaving Tayo and Si to bring the team’s home on the run section in the midday sun.

Worth noting that after the 5 mile run Tayo withdrew his earlier statement to the team that he wouldn’t get hot in black leggings, black shorts and a black long sleeve top when competing in 25 degree heat.

PrettyGreen Team Tri did not let their company down finishing 41st and 61st respectively in a VERY competitive field.

Bring on 2012 where PrettyGreen hope to field more teams and start challenging for the top spots.