Pretty Surprising (or not)….

We’re a close knit bunch at PrettyGreen and would like to think we know each other pretty well…and on some office party occasions perhaps a little too well…However it is always entertaining to discover something interesting you didn’t know about your colleagues. This interest was initially sparked from the revelation that Hannah Jones prior to joining PrettyGreen had applied to go on Big Brother. Unfortunately she didn’t make the cut.

Below are a few more surprising wee facts we didn’t know about each other…

George – Starred in a TV advert for a Greek estate agent called Diamond Lettings at the age of 11

Lucy Mart – Appeared on Blue Peter twice

Lucy Porter – Was an actor in the Industrial Revolution segment of the London Olympic Opening Ceremony. Full bonnet and all.

lucy final
Emma White – Background dancer in the club scene of Street Dance

Strings – His wife Wendy is really good looking. Every client who has met Wends says ‘wow’ with a surprised tone implying Strings should have bagged a 5 rather than a 9. (We don’t think so Strings!)

Tim – Once played football against Robbie Williams and got into a fight with him when he elbowed Tim in the face!!

Lauren – Was in a band called the ‘Georgie Kids’ with a hit song called ‘Friendship for a lifetime’

Claire Ashman – Escorted out of Radio 1 for saying ‘Fuck’ on Air

Jack Swallow – His woman is ‘The Nando’s girl’ and his lovely long hair sadly isn’t his own

Mark Scholefield – His girlfriend endures some very close encounters with cow, horses and sheep for a living

Katie Hunter – The star of 3 Playdays videos all staring Dave Benson Philips and performed a ballet solo for Princess Diana at the Covent Garden Opera House

Coco – worked at Bodeans

Bea Chew – Danced on stage with Boyzone for their ‘Melting Pot’ song wearing a full length gospel choir gown

Sophia – Went to Olivia Newton John’s house for Easter one year. She had unbelievable amounts of chocolate!

Charlotte – A backing dancer for Eric Prydz ‘Call on Me’ at a nightclub in Kingston. Also sang a song she wrote to the Queen at the Royal Albert Hall dressed as a fish.

Sarah Henderson – Appears in the Take That & Party tour video swaying with a lighter in the audience while Mark Owen sings Babe

Debbie Longmuir – Part of the crowd in Queen’s video ‘Will Be friends’, appearing 8 seconds in the black and white t-shirt

And to save the best till last. The very special Ben Thomas featuring in a nationwide billboard campaign welcoming people to Bahrain. Brilliant.