PrettyGreen Gets Quizzical

Last night was PrettyGreen’s first pub quiz. The evening began with apprehensive excitement.

From the moment the teams were announced, we were an office divided and as ever, fun was had coming up with team names. We had; We’ve Got Tourettes, Quiz In My Pants, Tim Beer’s Hit List, Les Quizerablés and Witness the Quizness.

We were unsure what to expect with an ‘outsider’ as the Quiz Master, but Lionel was a pro. With entire movies condensed into 30-second audio clips, difficult dodgy cover versions for the music round, popular TV shows theme tunes for the television round and a selection of ‘work’ or ‘play’ questions tailored to PrettyGreen team members.

The rounds flew by with the PrettyGreeners fuelled by beer and pizza and after a nail biting last round, the scores were tallied up. The suspense was unbearable.

Half a point stood between being crowned PrettyGreen Quiz winners and not being crowned PrettyGreen Quiz winners with the ultimate prize of a ‘Day of Work’ and well… a day of work.


Lionel took the mic and in a classic Quiz Master move he told Ben (captain of Witness the Quizness) not to worry, which no doubt made them think they had it in the bag but no, Lionel switched mid sentence to announce, “the winners with 43 points are We’ve Got Tourettes.”

Swear words of jubilation could be heard as We’ve Got Tourettes were awarded their prize. The other teams went silent as they tried to deal with their crushing disappointment…. which lasted all of five seconds.

We’ve Got Tourettes may have won on paper but everyone knows its not all about winning… it’s about having fun (whatever! although the fact that Strings was in the winning team possibly makes the results feel rigged).

Naturally, with the quiz out of the way it was time to get down to something we take very seriously here at PrettyGreen! Drinking games! Ever an easily amused bunch, the ‘blowing cards off the top of a bottle of wine’ game had us in stitches for the rest of the night.


Safe to say it was a great night had by all and the PrettyGreen Pub Quiz will be a regular fixture at The Wonky Flamingo. Big thank you to Lionel, the ultimate Quiz Master. See you all at the next one!