Pretty Green Goes Pretty White

emma_ben_121It’s been over a week since Emma got married. What a magical day and one of those wedding’s that has an incredibly relaxed and beautiful feel to it that makes you wish it was your wedding. It would also appear that we have budding disco dancers within The House, so much so that we’ve been approached by a television Co. to create a new Agency dance off competition. That is with the exception of Mandy, who was quite embarrassed by Hamish and Strings spinning Emma’s 90 yr old Grandma round the dance floor and decided that she couldn’t be seen dead dancing at a wedding, made her excuses and ran off.

What we also noticed was that no matter how many times we’ve watched Beyonce’s 100 Single Ladies, we just haven’t got the dance nailed.

We’ve been full up on Red Bull the last few weeks with Air Race, X Fighters, Cliff Diving, and the big new announcement we were able to make this week about RB Music Academy is coming to London next year. After 10 years of helping nurture young talent we get to host one of the World’s most inspirational and credible music talent nurturing workshops. Over the past few months we actually thought Claire was going burst with excitement.

A big project for Nando’s we’ve been working on is just about to break, we’re just finishing of the edit. We’re still not sure how we’ve pulled it off, and we’ve got to say the Client has also played an absolute blinder with talent.

Lots of international travel again with Lisa and John returning from LA and San Diego and Nick just back from NYC. We have noticed a distinct lack of presents for the office on their return.

Still dotting the I’s and T’s on our new wins, but very exciting. Recruiting like mad again.

The big debates in the office this week was whether or not Katie and Peter can patch things up, and do we really care.

But the most fun has been watching an old Eddie Izzard Darth Vader Death Star clip. Try watching it at the most inappropriate times, Client reception’s, trains. It’s great to laugh out loud when you shouldn’t.