Press Regulation – What's does it mean?

David Cameron was going it alone and didn’t want a law, Labour and Lib Dems did, yet yesterday, everybody claimed victory over the Press Regulation demanded by the Leveson Enquiry.

Confusing mixed messages.

In seems a Royal Charter (which is underpinned by law), is the answer. But we’re still confused as we haven’t got a clue what that really means.

A new independent regulator, governed by Royal Charter, like the BBC and Bank of England.

OK, think that makes sense.

And the purpose was to stop people tinkering with it to ensure it protected people, and to ensure people were compensated in terms of money, and size of apology – Which all seems fair.

But given that the purpose is to get some quarters of the press to step into line, why do we need it, given that if they break the law, surely there are already legal consequences and ramifications that are simply ignored.

D’oh. Can’t compute.

As with all these things. The media need politicians and the politicians need the media. But underpinning all of that is the fact that they both need the good old British public, who are all currently totally confused. ¬†We’re not sure who’s supporting who, who are the good guys and who are the bad, and who we can trust anymore.

Policemen selling information and making up stories about politicians. Politicians making up expenses and lambasting the media for making up stories. The media buying stories from everyone, and using unquestionable tactics to get the story. Seem’s to us, that everyone just needs to play fairly.

Whatever happened to good old British values. Three institutions that were once renowned for leading the world have all begun to lose their moral compass. Throw in Bankers for good measure and it makes for depressing reading.

Hold on lets throw the NHS and quite frankly we’re beginning to become depressed (or dead).

There’s only one thing for it, let’s watch a video that makes us laugh.