PRCA Awards Top Trumps Game

tt1Whenever you’re shortlisted for an Award everyone always asks the inevitable “so what are your chances”.

Well it’s always difficult to turn it into an inexact science and it’s always Head vs Heart and all that, but naturally we’ve been weighing up our chances in the PRCA Awards.

We’re up against Threepipe, in Small Agency of the Year Category. Not bad, 50:50 chance at 1st glance, but if we were playing  Top Trumps, it looks like PrettyGreen are a Ford Mondeo and Threepipe are a brand spanking new Bugatti Veyron (that’s $1.8m 0-60 before you blink versus £50 and free breakdown recovery)

Here’s actually how it throws down on paper……..

PRCA Small Agency of the Year  – Top Trumps

Name:                         PrettyGreen                     threepipe
Name inspiration:        Sound Affects             Smoking 3 huge pipes
Born:                              4th July 2008                   2004
Clients:                                  5                                   21
Awards:                                 0                                  17
Nominations ’09                    2                                    8
PRCA Nominations               1                                    4
Staff                                     16                                  15
Twitter Followers                 262                               295
Location                              EC1                             WC2
Pets                              A Chameleon                 A Sherlock
Best Staff Name               Coco                               Nia

That said, it’s not about the size of the roar in the car, it’s the size of the car in the dog (or something like that). Anyway, we know we’ve had a blinder of a year as have threepipe. Last November there were 3 of us, and we had just been awarded the total Comms business for Red Bull. A year on here we are, we haven’t lost a PR pitch,  work with amazing Clients and been part of the team nailing some brilliant projects. Our Top Trumps (in no particular order) being:-

  1. Helping Robbie Maddison backflip Tower Bridge with Red Bull
  2. Powering Up Battersea Power Station for Red Bull X-fighters
  3. Strutting our stuff on Red Bull Fashion Factory during LFW
  4. Unwrapping 100 single ladies and playing a giant game of musical chairs all across London for Trident and Beyonce
  5. Getting a skateboarding chicken doing tricks with  Nando’s X-perimental skatejam
  6. Doing a Wrappers Delight for Nando’s
  7. Launching The Kitchen and the Valentines special on London Tonight
  8. Working with Fallon and PHD for the last year on Cadbury 2012
  9. Creating a new spirits brand with Sven from Metropolitan Spirits
  10. Making people Feel Good with Macmillan and the Worlds Biggest Coffee Morning

Strings was actually one of the PRCA judges (although he wasn’t allowed to vote for PrettyGreen but tried, numerous times) and we know we’re up against the best in the industry but given how early we our in our life-stage we’re really chuffed to be shortlisted against threepipe.  So we’ll be raising a glass or two to everyone nominated, every winner and we’ll be smoking 3 big cigars at the back of the room – Good luck to Jim, Eddie and the rest of the team.

So we might currently look like we’re driving a Mondeo, but really we’re driving something far better  – Our own rock and roll tour bus! And it’s exciting to be at the beginning of our journey. It sometimes feels like we’re on the edge of a cliff like the Italian Job and other times as though we’ve got the Osbourne’s on-board, but it’s fun and there’s plenty more seats.