PR Love Is All Around

Love is in the air. And in the newspapers. And on the internet as another Valentine’s Day passes by; equally adored and reviled. Brands relish the chance to grab onto a calendar hook and the most amorous day of the year is no exception. Here’s a selection of some of the best Valentine’s Day content from the net including a few PrettyGreen contributions.

The ubiquitous Tinder took advantage of the lonely singletons of the world by splashing out on a perfectly timed Snapchat filter to go along with their in-app promotion of an extra Super Like every day of the week. Generous!

Kraken sent out black roses and miniature bottles of their dark rum to lucky fans and received a great response on Twitter. A simple campaign executed stylishly.
PrettyGreen’s own Nintendo sent our journalist sweethearts a special 8-bit heart mug which revives health when filled with hot water. The love was reciprocated with some lovely tweets like the below from YouTuber Arekkz Gaming.

adidas gained a lot of brownie points (and managed to sit down some homophobic followers) with a lovely social post which focused around a same sex relationship.

Finally, things took a turn for the bizarre at PrettyGreen Towers as secret Valentine’s gifts were swapped left, right and centre. Designer Dan delivered Digi Queen Rosie a V-Day bundle which would show up the even the most skilled Romeo.
Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 16.34.51

And then this beautiful collage was presented to newlywed Emma surely needs no explanation. It all proved too much for one day – thankfully, it only comes around once a year…