PR and Communications Council Vice-Chairman – Strings Throws His Hat in The Ring

After much deliberation Strings has decided to throw his hat in the ring to stand as PRCA Council Vice Chair (a role that transitions into PRCA Chair in 2018).


You can have a read of some of his thoughts here, which includes getting the Council to drink his Absinthe (could make for interesting Council meetings)…


Unlike a certain President-elect, I don’t believe that building walls and severing

ties is the way to make anything great. But I do agree that we should have a focus

on building – building on what is already great about the PR and Communications



We need to focus on shining a light on what makes this industry truly exceptional,

celebrating the incredible skill sets we have within the industry and the PRCA.

We have the opportunity and potential as an industry (due to our oversight

position), to lead the strategic direction for Clients and become the conductor of

the Marketing industry. But this is only possible by us assuming the oversight

position and in celebrating the diversity of what we are best in class at

implementing; social, digital, stunts, influencers, short and long form content,

lobbying, publicists, sponsorship, experiences etc. etc. and clearly demonstrating

the commercial value we deliver.


But this opportunity ironically requires us to actively PR our unique and exciting



Alongside this we also need to look at ensuring that we put energy into thinking

about how we attract and retain the brightest talent possible. We are a people

based industry that lives and dies by the talent it has, and the talent it attracts.

We are fortunate that the PRCA Council is made up of a group of active and

knowledgeable industry participants, who have lots of great ideas, and over the

last year I’ve watched David harness the Council to offer some great solutions to

help move the industry forward, supported by Molly.


Having spoken to Molly about what she is looking to achieve in 2017 I believe our

energies and passion, would compliment each other and I’m motivated by the

desire to make a tangible difference to the PRCA and help put something back

into the industry that I care about.


Finally, for those of you who know me (and for those that don’t), I’m not afraid to

encourage a difficult debate, or get stuck in to help solve a difficult problem.

However, I fundamentally believe it can be done in a way that is inclusive, with a

smile and be bizarrely fun (and don’t worry that doesn’t mean that I’ll force the

Council to drink absinthe, unless you want me to).


You can see who else is standing and if you’re on the Council Vote here.