The Power of Protein

Here at PrettyGreen, we’re very excited to be working with @maximuscle on the upcoming consumer events as part of the #ProteinProject.

Some more so, than others.

As part of our product immersion session earlier this week, maximuscle’s nutritionist, guru to stars and athletes alike took us through the various lines in the ‘maxinutrition’ range. One PrettyGreener who shall remain nameless **ahem @ben_knight80 ahem** got seriously excited at the wide range of protein-packed products on the market.

Ben Knight

We were told about the optimal amount of protein we should be eating every day and the ‘maxinutrition’ products which would supplement our diets to help us achieve our training goals.

In what he thought was a sneaky move to get his hands on a personal training and meal programme, Ben came out with this gem:

“Say you take a typical guy. Let’s say he weighs, errr I don’t know…around 76.5kg (the lightest he’s been since University) who goes to the gym. What maximuscle product should he use? You know, just as an example”

Since that meeting, let’s just say that Ben has become protein obsessed. Here are some of his most memorable quotes:

“Seen this? Porridge… with protein powder”

“Cup of tea Ben?”

“Errrrr not sure. I mean, I could have a café latte because of the protein in the milk, but I don’t want to overdo the caffeine”

“Eating a protein breakfast before gym this morning was a revelation! I had so much energy!”

“I had a tin of sardines and some left over spaghetti”

“Sorry I missed your call, I was in the gym during lunch. Yeah, just a few reps on the weight machines”

“Protein shakes arrive tomorrow chaps” [accompanied by a photo of Arnold Schwarzenegger in very tight shorts]

And last but not least, our personal favourite:

“Think I’m ready to move up to Cyclone”

However, we’re not sure if it’s because Ben now understands that training without the right diet means nothing, or that the nutritionist basically said: “You know all that work you’ve been doing in the gym? Well it’s wrong”

Find out more about the #ProteinProject here.