PrettyGreen has worked closely with Virgin Media since the announcement of their sponsorship of Southampton FC in summer 2016, briefed to utilise and leverage high value assets to gain UK media and social commentary throughout the season.


As part of this, PrettyGreen launched Virgin Media’s partnership with Football Supporters’ Federation to give away fans a better deal via their ‘Twenty’s Plenty’ initiative, in particular looking to raise awareness of £20 ticket cap for travelling fans to Southampton FC during 2016/17 games.


  • 148 pieces of media and broadcast coverage, including 10 nationals
  • Total Traditional OTS: 981.8m
  • Total Social OTS: 3,329,585
  • Increase in website traffic by 3093%


Virgin Media also have an ongoing partnership with disability charity Scope, a relationship that has been brought to the fore through VM’s ongoing campaign alongside Scope to deliver a disruptive football campaign to drive social change.


  • 185 pieces of media and broadcast coverage, including 11 nationals
  • Total Traditional OTS: 1,835,318,484
  • Total Social OTS: 11,453,337
  • Scope’s brand awareness grew by 5.7% (60.6% to 66.3%) during this period, with the charity’s Word of Mouth exposure increasing from 0.3 to 1.2.