PrettyGreen delivers the UK PR, Events and Content for Under Armour. We help the brand’s who’s mission to ‘make all athletes better’ to deliver groundbreaking and ambitious marketing campaigns that disrupt the will market. From negotiating access to a closed Canary Wharf skyscraper roof for an Andy Murray photo shoot to bringing London to a standstill with a Rugby World Cup stunt, to delivering innovative wear testing product launches for key journalists and influencers to creative social community engagement. Our always-on brand building communications ensure Under Armour is at the forefront of sports and training apparel innovation. This year our work has been shortlisted for seven awards and won UK Sponsorship’s ‘Best Use of PR’.


In 2016 Q1 we delivered:

  • 193 pieces of coverage
  • 114 product reviews
  • Media OTS: 2 billion
  • AVE: £1.6 million



PrettyGreen’s PR, Events and The Content Studio had just 2-hours with Andy Murray ahead of the 2015 Wimbledon Championship to bring to life how the brand’s sponsorship was making the British No.1 a better athlete. Playing on Murray’s rise up player rankings in 2015, UA physically took Murray to the ‘next level’ by negotiating photo shoot access to a closed Canary Wharf skyscraper roof and building a platform 770ft above London’s skyline. UA’s images and content became iconic ahead of Wimbledon – generating more headlines and media coverage (every national newspaper) than any other UA sponsorship deal before (and winning Sponsorship Awards best use of PR).

  • 65 Branded media stories
  • 1 X Front page
  • 6 X Back pages
  • 7 X Double page spreads
  • 3 X Supplement covers
  • 3.2 Million people reached socially
  • 4.2 Billion opportunities to see



Ahead of the 2016 Wimbledon Championship we were challenged to create an iconic PR stunt in London with Andy Murray to generate mass PR coverage in sports, news and lifestyle media and social buzz. We created a unique underground training facility in an unused tunnel under the streets of London, using the site to create a series of images demonstrating Andy’s innovative training process.
We had a total of 2 hours (including travel time) to shoot photography and video, as well as carry out media interviews …And it was during the same week as the EU referendum and EURO 2016.


We Captured:

  • 10 x hero images of Andy and Jamie on their own and together
  • 8 x images for social usage
  • B-roll footage of the activity
  • 30-second video content
  • 2 x 15-second video footage


The PR Results:

  • 31 pieces of coverage
  • 1.3bn OTS
  • £1.4m AVE
  • 0.05p CP thousand reached


The social results:

  • 17K new fans across UA’s 3 core social channels
  • 60% social share of conversation during Wimbledon
  • 270K interactions
  • 6.4m impressions