Three: The world’s first mixed reality catwalk

Driving fame for Three’s 5G

Business Challenge:​ Demonstrate that Three is leading the 5G race

Objective: Bring the possibilities of Three’s 5G to life in a real world situation that will resonate with the everyday consumer

Strategy: Visually showcase the power of 5G using the collision of mixed reality, utilising a familiar and mainstream industry such as fashion to demonstrate its potential in a real life situation

Solution: Coupled with the latest tech and Internet of Things (IOT) innovation driven by 5G, we created a world first, and a newsworthy, culturally relevant tech story. Only made possible with the speed and power of Three’s 5G, the front row were treated to a dramatic display of interactive, 3D animations that took the fashion elite into the mind of the designer at London Fashion Week

Results: 161 pieces of coverage, 20.4 million social impressions, average engagement rate of 3%

Business Impact: 70% share of voice vs competitors (who all went out with 5G news) in week of activity