A couple of years ago our Founder Strings said to the Board, “let’s create an event that gets our network of amazing people to inspire both us and the friends of the Agency”. The Board said “great idea, let’s do it” and for months he did a big, fat nothing.


Finally, he pulled his finger out, the Team got behind the idea, and so The Clearing was born; a quarterly event series with the aim of inspiring our friends and clients.


The first episode saw us gather at Kensington Roof Gardens, with speakers from the likes of John Lewis and Bulldog talking about why “emotion is one of the most fundamental drivers of brand and personal success”, plus a few little surprise and delights along the way.


The second episode, “it’s not what you play, it’s how you play”  took place at PrettyGreen HQ, with friends of the Agency coming together for an evening session with speakers from Under Armour, Virgin Media and Football Manager challenging guests to re-think their approach to sports marketing.


And our most recent episode “the long term gains from a moment in time” centred on brand experiences, with AirBnb and Bestival talking about the way they use events and experiences to deliver real value and cut-through.