PrettyGreen were briefed to drive awareness of the inaugural Under Armour Series featuring the Welsh Rugby Union to an audience outside of Wales and showcase the UA Record app.

To do this, ourselves and Under Armour decided bring the UA Record app to life and highlight the intense training of a pro rugby athlete by creating a life-sized app that showcased the four quadrants of the app and gave insight into the innovative training regime used by WRU players.
As part of this, we devised, sourced, built and dressed a full size version of the UA Record app and utilised time with the WRU players and expert coaches to conduct over 25 interviews in two hours right outside of Principality Stadium in Cardiff.


  • 24 pieces of coverage.
  • Traditional media OTS of over 267 million.
  • 24 posts across UA social channels generated 710,354 impressions and 14,124 engagement pieces overall.
  • Total attendance for the series was 235,042, above the average when compared to the previous decade with media from around the UK.