To re-engage its core audience of 18-30 years old training fanatics we created the Maxi Street Gym experience to show that, if you’re serious about your training, there’s a gym (and opportunitiy to train) anywhere – you just need the commitment and motivation.


We ‘built’ a gym on London’s iconic Southbank using only the existing infrastructure found on the street (steps, railing, benches, scaffolding) and ran hour long training sessions for media, influencers and members for the public.


Exercises were shown through directional floor graffiti with Maxi PT Sean Lerwill, dancer Kimberly Wyatt and boxer Anthony Ogogo on site for guidance and support.


  • 22 pieces of coverage
  • 27 social mentions
  • 246,210 estimated impressions
  • 4m total estimated impressions of #itsnotforeveryone
  • 141 total mentions from 67 unique users on Twitter