Snapchat x Bank of England

The world’s most widely distributed artwork by Snapchat x Bank of England.

Launching the Snapchat lens that brings to life Turner’s paintings on the new £20


 Snapchat partnered with the Bank of England and The National Gallery to bring to life J.M.W Turners artwork you see on the new £20.

The Snapchat AR experience enabled the hero of the new note, J.M.W Turner’s artwork The Fighting Temeraire, to come alive as a full-colour animated version on the banknote.

The news that the new £20 note was being released into circulation was likely to go viral. The challenge was to make Snapchat an integral part of that moment, showcasing the AR capabilities through a serious lens to reframe the conversation.


Working with The National Gallery we took the new £20 note and captured the lens, activating on the banknote in front of the painting itself –  three views on the same painting, all captured in one photo.

With these strong assets under our belt we outreached to our media contacts and set to work making as much noise about the news as possible.


  • 507 pieces of press coverage including every national newspaper and broadcast features on ITV and BBC Breakfast all talking positively about the new Snap lens
  • 4.7 Million impressions on the Snapchat App
  • 45,131 shares on Snapchat
  • 1.5 million people using the lens – looking at their money in a whole new light