Launching Audible’s X Files

Our entertainment team geared up for our second launch for Audible, The X Files: Cold Cases. This time we invited media and consumers to join us underground to take part in an alien-themed mystery which brought them up close and personal with extra-terrestrial life forms.

Audible’s new audio drama brings former agents Mulder and Scully out of anonymity to face a growing conspiracy that involves not only their former department but the US government – so we knew we had to mark the occasion by delivering an out of this world experience.

We invited guests into the subterranean lair of the Post Office Tunnels to crack a case from a never-before-released X-Files archive; the mystery of the terrifying creature Flukeman’s escape.

Guests made their way through a series of rooms and tunnels by finding clues, and were even joined by former Ministry of Defence and UFO expert Nick Pope, a self-confessed ‘real life Fox Mulder’.