Kopparberg Alcohol Free

Business Challenge:

To raise awareness of Kopparberg Alcohol Free.


Create a shareable piece of content that engages the core audience


Social occasions can be ‘moments of exclusion’ for those who aren’t drinking. We target these moments and offer the freedom to choose Kopparberg Alcohol Free.


Create a pub quiz with a point to make. A multi round virtual, live streamed pub quiz which (unbeknown to participants), aimed to break down the deep-rooted stereotype of what ‘a drinker’ versus a ‘non-drinker’ looks like. Executed as The Kopparberg Alcohol Free Pub Quiz…Presented by Joel Dommett

Business Impact:

  • Volume of coverage – national and consumer – 9
  • Coverage shares – 188
  • Coverage views – 469,000
  • Coverage reach – 326,000,000
  • Influencer posts – 7
  • Influencer engagements – 8,180
  • Influencer potential reach – 2,450,000

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