When you’ve got an exciting new Oasis drink to promote and you have an Oasis’ ‘refreshing stuff’ platform as your creative springboard, there’s only one thing to do, create the MOST REFRESHING PR campaign in history!


We created a campaign throwing every PR trick in the book via our parody PR Agency “Awesome PR


Get a YouTuber to promote it – LukeisNotSexy – Check

Persuade a Reality Star to undress – Jamie Laing – Check

Float it down the Thames – Check

Create a perfume – Check

Project it onto the White Cliffs of Dover – Check

Build a pop-up shop – Check

Break a World Record – Check


And how else would you promote it?


Of course via a fly on the wall film following Awesome PR as they developed the Campaign. Cue Mockumentary, which brings the campaign to life.


Now that’s what a “Refreshing PR” campaign is all about.