9BAR came to PrettyGreen with the integrated brief for our PR, Events and Content Studio teams to drive trial and increase rate of sale in a fun and relevant way… (right up our street). Focusing on 9BAR’s product and brand proposition of ‘Good Energy’ we created an integration communications campaign featuring the newly created The Super Seed Squad, a team of bad energy vigilantes, who were sent to track down bad vibes and give a boost with 9BAR energy, and 9BAR’sambassadors including Professor Greg Whyte and Olympian Ed Clancy to demonstrate how 9BAR was ridding the world of bad energy.



  • 70% uplift in sales in WHSmith
  • 360,000 bars sampled
  • 1000’s of acts of kindness
  • Social reach:
    • Twitter reach 533.903
    • Instagram reach 12,217
    • Over 1000 new Facebook likes