Creating Maximuscles home of gains

2017 saw us working with Maxinutrition to relaunch the Maximuscle brand. We’ve put a lot of time and planning into understanding audience needs and motivations, as well as developing an integrated channel strategy, to launch the all new Maximuscle Home of Gains.
Our studio created a number of ads to prepare audiences for the comeback whilst our events team created a physical Home of Gains gym, allowing free access to consumers to train alongside elite athletes and push themselves to the limits.
Our Comms team worked with Maxi ambassadors to aid social conversation and drive organic media coverage.
So far in 2017…
  • 16 x Athlete interviews
  • 6 x Athlete classes
  • 6 x Competitions
  • 9 x Video content (Gain off / classes)
  • 122 x Influencer posts
  • Total of 44 pieces of coverage
  • Total OTS of 820,833,016
  • 122 Influencers posts with a total reach of 873,545