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  • Casillero del Diablo

Casillero del Diablo

Making a lesser known wine brand feel familiar​. On-pack promotion .

Business Challenge:

How do you make a lesser known Chilean wine brand feel familiar?​


Wine is no longer the realm of connoisseurs; but that doesn’t stop many drinkers from feeling daunted at shelf. To avoid the awkwardness and challenge the automatic choice for consumers to opt for well recognised (or easy to pronounce) competitors.​


Invite the brand into people’s homes. ​


We negotiated full rights to the Sky Movies logo IP and co-created a high impact promotional calendar to secure visibility in store with national on pack promotions across over 4 million bottles, including a ‘legendary’ trip to Hollywood and free Sky subscriptions with Sky Movies.​​

Business Impact:

Casillero has moved from 12th to 5th position in the UK wine brands whilst maintaining an 18% price premium. Penetration is up 23% (5 times the growth for the market).​


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