Pokemon – How we got the press to catch ‘em all

In case you missed it, the summer of 2016 had a huge social and cultural revolution. No, not the introduction of the flower crown Snapchat filter, but the retro invasion of Pokémon – swarming back into the hearts, minds and iPhones of fans worldwide.


What perfect timing for Nintendo as November 2016 also saw the release of the latest and greatest Nintendo 3DS versions of the game – Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon. This new incarnation switched up the classic formula of taking on gyms and replaced it with taking on island trials in the Alola region. The new games, inspired by Hawaii, reintroduced unique Alolan forms of classic Pokémon like Raichu and Vulpix.


The excitement was overwhelming as Pokémon Sun and Moon became the most pre-ordered Nintendo 3DS games in Nintendo’s history AND the fastest-selling Nintendo 3DS games ever released. At PrettyGreen we did our part in building the excitement in the UK by supporting the Nintendo press and marketing teams for the launch event, and running a well oiled press office encapsulating print, online, broadcast and YouTube.


A few of our Pokémon achievements have included holding preview sessions at PG Towers; organising early access content with top gaming YouTuber DanTDM; creating a full takeover of Fun Kids across radio and online; inviting and hosting media at the launch event in London; Battling YouTubers via the new Battle Royal mode and losing comprehensively and lastly and without doubt most importantly taking arguing over the best Pokémon to ridiculous  new heights.


All in all, Pokémon Sun and Moon was a Snorlax sized success. With 47 previews and reviews from national and online media and 111 YouTube videos to date, Pokémania is alive and well – now go catch ‘em all!