Play Away from Home

playful conferenceThe Playful Conference on Friday enabled Mike to go off and spend the day  trying to get to grips with the media’s latest innovations in engaging consumers. Mike learned it wasn’t just about him playing with himself or others in the sanctity of his own home, but playing with others to improve society.

A diverse range of speakers (including authors, scientists, agencies, media owners, designers and many more) threw up some interesting concepts and thought processes; which ranged from the exciting, to the sublime, to the ridiculous.

The exciting included the latest brand tools for generating positive outcomes in society.  In particular, the agency responsible for inspiring disaffected young people to engage with politics should be lauded.  By installing a robot into the Houses of Parliament, which wrote messages for ministers generated a great deal of cut-through. Have a click here to see what we mean.

The Voicebot pt 1 from sidekick studios on Vimeo.

TheResurrectionfThe sublime was largely covered off by James Bridle, the editor / publisher / writer / curator / producer / programmer…who (amongst other things) talked scientifically on the odds of the Resurrection reoccurring.  The odds quoted were 96 billion : 1, based on the number of humans who have walked the planet since the only resurrection on record. Apparently Betfair haven’t closed the books on this one. Just imagine if you did put a £ on, would make the Euro Rollover look like pennies. Got to be worth a punt. Just imagine the bragging rights. “I’m a true believer and £96bn happier”

Finally, the ridiculous came in the form of the latest i-phone app “hang time” which measures how long the phone is in the air from when you throw it up and (hopefully) catch it. We reckon this might have been invented by someone who supplies parts to Apple.