May we introduce to you to the #PGgetsinspired nights

Last night, the Comms team ventured into the deep, dark corners of Shoreditch – full of its hipsters, city lads and other mysterious creatures – to go on a fabulous adventure with immersive games makers Fire Hazard.

We split into three teams titled Pleasing Parsley, Good-looking Grass and Charming Cucumber (Obviously themed around Pretty Green things).

The aim of the game was to locate the whereabouts of a huge selection of hints in the form of clock faces by following cryptic instructions that navigated us through the various streets of Shoreditch.
However the hints weren’t the only tricky element to the game as we also had to keep an eye on several gruesome characters hanging around checkpoints. Tentacle demons, long-armed monsters and masked men were connected to us via devices that tracked our moves and proximity to them, which then resulted in docked points for every encounter with them.

We were all rather surprised by the amount of fitness and stamina that was needed to win this thing as we all ran, screamed and cried our way out of dark alleyways.

Unfortunately Team PrettyGreen didn’t come out on top on the leaderboard, but we had fun – and that’s what really counts, right?! (Sometimes…okay maybe not…we’ll be over it sometime soon…).

P.S: Jade Lancashire triumphs at #PGgetsinspired’s first night! (She made us write this).