The D&AD Festival. Three days of creativity, c*ntent & craft beer…

Last week two PrettyGreen creatives took their beards, brogues and oversized black-rimmed-glasses and went to the D&AD Festival in Shoreditch. Here, with other creatives, they stood around stroking their beards, looking at creative work and discussing creativity in an attempt to make themselves…errrm…more creative.
Thankfully for them there is no gauge to tell if it worked but we understand that when they weren’t drinking free craft beer and instagraming other people’s work, they took in talks from the likes of Sir Paul Smith, Wayne Hemingway and Ashleigh Axios (White House Creative Director…YES WE CAN!) And attended debates on the YouTube revolution, the value of Backlash marketing, and the future for advertising.
They also watched loads of content (or ‘c*ntent’ as one described it), looked at a lot of branding, and had some lovely lunches together were they debated creativity a bit more and ate with chopsticks and their hands. Obviously.

Now back at their desks we are looking forward to the introduction of creative infused chopstick lunches.