The Living List 2015: Kezia's Travels To Ghana

So here at PrettyGreen Towers we’re pretty lucky that we get given money to help towards fulfilling our Living List, so anything from skiing lessons to language courses or towards an amazing trip or experience, it’s really up to the individual to try and do something that enables them to have a life defining year, and do more.

Kezia chose to combine an amazing trip and experience, but one with a difference, and unbeknown to her one that will probably stay with her forever.

Kezia in Ghana

Along with a group of inspirational women she knew, she decided to help raise funds for a maternity unit in one of the towns just outside Accra (the capital of Ghana). Using her Living List to help, and alongside fundraising they were able to buy much-need items for over 100 new born-babies, so essentials such as nappies, bibs, hand-sanitizers and toys, something that surprisingly isn’t readily available to all new parents.

As one of the most stable, peace loving countries in Africa and according to economists (and CNN) one of Africa’s fastest-growing economies, she literally thought this would be a walk in the park. Why wouldn’t it be? When other West Africans pop over to Ghana for weekend breaks just to relax, have fun and party, it couldn’t be all that bad, right? Little did she know that she would get a glimpse into a whole different side.

In Tema’s maternity unit, approximately 40-50 women were squeezed into a space no bigger than the average front room. What shocked Kezia most, wasn’t the small size of the space, but the fact that they had to share a single hospital bed between two people AND their babies.

Kezia’s stories really moved the office. On one day as they walked in distributing the packs, one woman begun to cry uncontrollably and it turned out her baby had died the night before, but she was was placed back into a ward with all the other women and their babies, a heart-breaking thought.

On another day they met a young women who was no older than 18 or 19, who had come in the week earlier and whose baby had sadly died during delivery. She was being kept in hospital, not because she was ill, but because she couldn’t afford to pay her hospital bill for the life saving treatment she had to have. Essentially being kept hostage all for the equivalent of £20 with the bill increasing day-by-day..

Kezia saw a lot of hardship, a lot of suffering, and some of the poorest in society. But amongst the sadness she saw a lot of joy, happiness, and resilience, and was left inspired about how beautiful the human spirit is and its spurred her on to try and do more…

Take a look at her amazing photos below: