Peering Under The Armour: 2016 Edition

One of the huge benefits, and one of the most eye-opening experiences, we’re treated to while working with Under Armour is the Brand’s bi-annual Sales Meeting – a six-monthly glimpse into the world of one of the largest performance brands in the universe, delivered in Under Armour’s state-of-the-art complex in Baltimore, Maryland. True to form, it was another truly unique offering and one that’s left us all googly-eyed now we’re back in the UK…to say the Brand is well on the way to becoming a category leader is an understatement.

Just like the measures Willy Wonka goes to to ensure the workings of his Chocolate Factory is run with utmost secrecy, we obviously can’t go into too much detail here (sorry but not sorry, prying competitor eyes). But what we can say is that next year we’re going to see world-first launches, industry-challenging technological advancements in an array of apparel and footwear products, and even more high-profile additions to Team Under Armour. Besides that, afraid we have to keep schtum!
The Brand’s meteoric rise over the years (somehow only 19 – it’s only just allowed a beer after its workout) is clearly only ever going in one direction, and between the eight-hour daily lectures, staff briefings in closed-off aquariums, the multiple cat walks James was forced to (loved to) watch, our 5am workouts, and the many scarily-advanced product demos, it was clear to see this is a Brand that means serious business. Set your alarms, we’re about to go into orbit.