Pantene and Women’s Aid ‘Power of Us’

During lockdown we worked with Pantene to partner with domestic abuse federation, Women’s Aid, to help extend the time of its live chat service to support the 76%* of domestic abuse victims who were having to spend more time with their abuser. 

We collaborated with Pantene to update its brand positioning from the ‘Power Of Hair’ to the ‘Power of Us’ and hosted a live fundraiser virtual event with Pantene ambassador Katie Piper and Women’s Aid ambassador Alice Liveing, to show support and raise awareness for Women’s Aid’s incredible charitable work. 

Throughout the live fundraiser Katie & Alice discussed the impact lockdown has had on domestic abuse victims as well as their work as ambassadors for Pantene & Women’s Aid, their lives in lockdown, as well as answering viewers’ questions in a live Q&A:

  • Alice: There’s such a scale of abuse. What you see portrayed in the media as abuse is not always what happened. Every experience is valid. Abuse is abuse and it’s important to know the help is there.
  • Alice: Sometimes people do judge, I felt so much shame and embarrassment I didn’t want to talk to my friends about it
  • Katie: Do not be dismissive of your own experience. I think if you’ve experienced abuse you’ve probably forgotten what love and unconditional love means. It’s very much about giving people that space.
  • Alice: I think Coronavirus has put a big spotlight on issues that were always there… it’s so important that we take Covid-19 as an example of this is how bad it can get.

 Viewers were able to use the Instagram donation mechanic to donate easily while tuned into the live stream and sharing their thoughts and questions! Through the live fundraiser, and the initial monetary donation made by Pantene, over £50k was raised for Women’s Aid resulting in their live chats extending by an extra two hours a day. 

*Women’s Aid survey showed 76.1% of survivors were having to spend more time with their abuser.