Out Of Office – PrettyGreen Style

At long last we’ve been graced with the summer sun…it won’t last forever, so we are taking full advantage of the sunnier perspective on life!

With bare legs and sandals making a resurrection, sitting in front of a computer or in a board room on a sunny day isn’t the best setting through which to get the creative and strategic juices flowing and whilst we love our home here at PrettyGreen HQ (seriously, we have grass room and a terrace!), we think its important to get out and about and mix up the settings for the working day ahead.

We’ve therefore decided to share a shortlist of some of our favourite alternative venues, ideal for both quiet time and solo work as well as creative brainstorms and internal meetings. After a visit to one of these places we always walk away feeling all the more wiser and much more inspired – and so do our Clients.

British Library

Taking top spot is the British Library – the perfect place to give us all a bit of perspective. Arguably best for plugging in your laptop and getting your head down in some solo work rather than hosting a typically animated, PG brainstorm. The Café is also highly geared towards productivity, offering plenty of desk space, plug-sockets and most importantly, coffee!

In close second place is The Barbican, a place self described as existing to inspire people to discover and love the arts. Whether you’re sitting down to work or having a wander around the conservatory, this place is sure to inspire!
Somerset House

Our bronze award goes to Somerset House, the major arts and cultural centre in the heart of London. Because well, who wouldn’t want to sit out in the courtyard on a day like today with the fountains spraying? Plus with a full schedule of displays and exhibitions we can always argue our case for stimulating creativity!

So what are you waiting for!
Get yourselves outside immediately… and remember sunscream!

In the meantime you’ll find us on the terrace hard at work…

jade sun