Our Best In Show From This Years D&AD Festival

For those of you who don’t know, the D&AD creative festival is held once a year at the Truman Brewery and it’s a chance to see a wide variety of multidiscipline creative work submitted to the D&AD Awards. The aim being to win a much-converted D&AD Pencil. Think of it as the creative industries BAFTAS.


From last year’s festival we focused on sharing ‘Campaigns for good’ as these seemed to be the ones where most awards were won. With these types of campaigns, it’s easy to see the difference the work we all produce does, the heart strings the music pulls and the brilliant results the work creates for the much-deserved causes.


However, this year we wanted to focus on commercial campaigns for brands, the day to day work we produce for our clients and the results the work receives.


These are just a few of the great pieces of work that won at the festival and the best of a very high standard to work submitted.


Nike Unlimited Stadium

Award: Graphite Pencil – Media / Use of Interaction / 2017


Nike built their Unlimited Stadium – the world’s first full sized LED running track to launch their new running shoe, the Lunar Epic. Tracking the runners first lap using RFID the track challenged the participants to beat their previous time by running against an avatar of themselves, bringing to life the saying “An athlete’s greatest competition will always be himself.”



The Swedish Number

Award: Graphite Pencil – PR / Use of Media Relations / 2017


To celebrate 250 years of free speech, the Swedish Tourist Association gave the entire country a phone number. Anyone from around the world could call Sweden and be connected to a random Swede. Why? Because it’s great to talk to people and it’s even better when speech is free.



Rink Bingo

Award: Graphite Pencil – Media / Use of Mobile / 2017


Swiss hockey club Davos saw an opportunity to increase interactivity during their games by creating Rink Bingo, a game that took players crashing into the rink panels on average 100 times a game and turned those rink panels into bingo fields. They created an app to encourage fans to play along live at matches and at home with winners receiving discount vouchers for merchandise, drinks and snacks.



Hunt on the News

Award: Graphite Pencil –  Media / Use of Publications / 2017


Everyone knows the Pablo Escobar story, so to keep viewers interested in the launch of Narcos Season 2, Netflix didn’t launch a campaign, they made it national news. The biggest newspapers, magazines and TV networks re-published their articles on his infamous escape from prison in 1992 to coincide with the opening season storyline. It was so successful, some people even believed it to be a genuine news story.