Opening our eyes to the potential of Virtual Reality using HoloLens

When it comes to new technology the possibilities are seemingly endless. We’re constantly told that this ‘new technology’ will be the next ‘big thing’ but how do we avoid jumping on the band waggon and shoehorning tech into our work just to appear cutting edge?

(Anyone got a pair of Google glasses, a Segway or even a Sinclair C5 gathering dust somewhere?)


Virtual Reality is the current buzz phrase in the experiential field, is there a better way to create a fully immersive experience than enveloping consumers in a 360 virtual world? At times it feels like the industry has forgotten what happened before the technology became so accessible!


At PrettyGreen we’re less eager to leave our roots and instead are looking for ways to incorporate VR into real world experiences. Microsoft HoloLens could allow us to do just that. A completely wireless headset that enables the user to see and interact with digital content and holograms that can be placed in the real world around you.


It’s not often that technology elicits the same ‘this is the future’ reaction from everyone in the agency who tries it but HoloLens has done just that. The ability to mix realities opens up a whole world of possibilities for brands that we’re keen to explore.


As with all technology it’s the bigger picture that keeps us awake at night. How can we develop an experience that showcases mixed reality at its best while also credibly answering our clients needs?


As we use the technology and discover the possibilities (and limitations) the path is becoming clearer for the PrettyGreen approach to mixed reality. We’re looking forward to helping shape ‘the future’ and revealing it to consumers later in the year.