One would like some Euro Success…

What a weekend! PG loves a Bank holiday and there’s nothing like a Royal event to lift the nations spirits. The mission is to now keep these spirits high as our attention turns to England at The Euro 2012 Championships.

Cheers to The Euro 2012 Championships

Euro 2012 starts this Friday and excitement levels are slowly increasing around the office. England’s campaign kicks off on Monday against the French, who always provide a difficult test but a new squad and fresh manager may be what’s needed to overcome our demons of the past.

Preparations are fully underway within the PrettyGreen office; new TV’s for prime viewing and banning the word “penalties” are helping all of us believe that this is our year. Nearly three weeks of football are making the in house football heads very excited and the Sport team are gearing up for a busy period ahead.

The tournament always brings a barrage of branding and this year has been no exception, Paddy Powers’ giant vuvuzala and Vauxhall’s national team line-up have caught our eye. But we love Carlsberg’s fan academy, they always seem to make us feel it’s our year. We’re getting right behind it, even though it’s coming from a Danish company!

We can all agree that the tournament is going to be difficult for us and actually winning it is something of a dream but maybe just maybe could it happen……….(we say this every year).

Come On England.