One To Watch

It was with much amusement to see Nick off training for Red Bull’s Stratos last week. He spent the day reviewing a site to try and demonstrate what it might be like when Felix jumps from over 120,000 feet. However, as the saying goes every journey starts with one small step, or 120.

Click on the picture below, if you’d like to see Nick in action, highly amusing to see a 6f 5 grown man look like he might cry.

Picture 37

The office has some new faces which is nice, with the arrival of Amanda our new Finance Manager. She brings with her a wealth of experience, holds the World Record for using a calculator, but also currently holds the record for the tallest ex, 7ft 2. We actually made Nick draw a face on an A4 pad and put it on his head to demonstrate just how tall it is (the answer is V V TALL). We also have the lovely Katie P with us now, who is limbering up for 30 Festivals in 30 Weeks, and we have Laura joining us on Thursday to help knock Nick into shape.

One we’re not looking forward to watching is The Joneses, all about seeding and product placement. Might make us marketeers feel shallow.

We also thought it was about time we actually put the piece up around Ones To Watch, which if you click on you can read in more detail.