One Person Makes All The Difference

At certain times of our lives, we’ve all sat there pondering what to do next. That the decision might mean we make a fool ourselves, fail by pushing the boundaries, makes us feel threatened by standing up for something we believe in. Well this clip doing the rounds from the Sasquatch Festival is the perfect example where 1 person standing up because they believe in doing something makes a massive difference.

Just goes to show, we all count and at the beginning it’s not about conforming, peer pressure, or collective decision making, it’s about the individual, it’s about believing in yourself and if you believe in it enough, others will buy into your passion and belief and stand up along-side you.

But as we’re in that crazy festival period where every weekend there’s a field to be stood in, what we’d probably recommend is not making all those important decisions after spending the weekend in the sun (we’re fairly convinced that there were a number of external influences that were encouraging our Dance Troupe Leader to stand up and be counted) – We’re not convinced that your Board Director or Client would be that impressed if you phoned them from the side of a hill on a Sunday afternoon to inform them of your decision (the sound of screaming and whistles can be a little disconcerting).