One Flu Over The….

We’ve been struck down with an epidemic, and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight. People have been trying various homemade remedies (eye of newt really doesn’t taste that good). But the teams been battling on.

We’ve had a lot fun creating pomanders (yes we now know why they’re called Pomanders), buying trees (our very own wood has been bought), spent a lot of time thinking about when it’s too early to put up a tree, and had our very own poetry competition (what does rhyme with orange).

Tomorrow we’re filming with The Kitchen for a TV show, and we’ve been busy with the Christmas campaign. There’s nothing better than a homemade Christmas pudding (especially when there’s a Michelin Star chef on hand).

We’re definitely out of the blocks on 2012, trying to pace ourselves to the 4 year finish line and we’ve also been asked to pitch on one of the hottest restaurant chains around, which is always an honour.

The big question round the office this week has been whether or not the sales pre Christmas will mean that there aren’t any post Christmas, and if there aren’t then how will clothing retailers drive incremental footfall when they’ve been keeping stocks low, and what we will all spend our hard earned Christmas stocking money on.