OnBlackheath – beyond the festival


It’s OnBlackheath in Partnership with John Lewis this weekend, and we’ll all be onsite, flying drones, looking after guests, eating with Gizzi, dancing to Massive Attack and Frank Turner, and many more, and it got us thinking, that we all know Blackheath, but do we really.

So here’s 10 things you may or may not know about Blackheath

1. It’s not called Blackheath because of the Black Death and lots of bodies being buried, it’s named after the black soil.

2. There are lots of people called John Lewis who live in Blackheath (notice we said in, not on)

3.. Terry Waite lived in Blackheath before he was kidnapped in Beirut and held hostage ’87 – ’91, with nearly 4 years in solitary confinement

4. Every year there is a Kite Festival on Blackheath as a symbol of love for Winnie the Pooh (we actually made the last bit up)


5. The big pits on the heath were caused by mineral and gravel mining, and most of them were filled after WWII with blitz rubble

6. The 1st London Marathon March 1981 started at Blackheath, with 7,747 starters and 6,255 finishers. Now 46,500 run every year

7. Blackheath is not to be confused with Blackpool, there are very few places to drink on a stag weekend in Blackheath

8.. The earliest record of golf being played outside Scotland is on Blackheath Common by James I in 1608. The outfits have only gotten sillier.


9. In 1497, the 6000 Cornish rebels, headed by Lord Audley, were defeated on this heath by the forces under King Henry VII, with 2000 slain

10. OnBlackheath is on Blackheath 13th and 14th September.