On the move with Nintendo: launching Ring Fit Adventure

Nintendo has a habit of unveiling truly innovative bits of kit. From the most successful portable gaming system of its time with the Game Boy, a console built almost entirely around motion sensor controls in the Wii, to the first ever selfies with the Game Boy Colour’s introduction of a camera! Ring Fit Adventure is no less impressive as it combines working out with an engaging storyline to keep players moving.

Our key objective was to showcase Ring Fit Adventure as a peripheral for all, not just for gamers. The hardworking Nintendo press office secured over 60 media and influencers to get hands-on with the game at a private venue in Soho. The idea was to show, not tell, how brilliant the new game is.  

Ring Fit Adventure then went on tour around the UK so the public could try it first-hand. It travelled to major cities including Dublin, Edinburgh, Bristol and Manchester. We invited regional media and influencers, landing plenty of local press coverage in the process.  

In the end we secured features across almost every national including The Guardian (full page), Daily Mirror, The Telegraph, The Sun, Daily Star, The i and Metro (full page). Coverage also appeared in the likes of Women’s Health, Esquire, Gay Times and Get Sweat Go. Of course, nogaming PR job is complete without pieces in titan publications like IGN, Eurogamer and GameSpot. We also landed organic coverage with high-reach lifestyle influencers including the likes of Grace Beverley, Ron Timehin and Mr Whisper. 

Last but not least, Ring Fit Adventure featured on ITV’s This Morning where Holly tried the game on the air and said: “I love it, I love it, I love it”. We couldn’t agree more, Holly.

Overall, the campaign secured higher levels of press coverage compared with the phenomenon that was Nintendo Labo. And Ring Fit Adventure is currently sold out in the UK. Not bad work.