On The Big Screen

For the past couple of weeks we’ve been helping Cadbury Spots v Stripes to get the nation playing spontaneous minute games on the BBC live site screens in city centres across the UK.

The activity, which is led by the Cadbury Spots v Stripes Games Crew has seen locals pit against each other on team Spots or Stripes to play hilarious sixty second games inspired by new ITV2 show Cadbury Spots v Stripes Minute To Win It. The interactive technology simply detects the player’s movements on the screen to create an amusing, live game-playing spectacle in the city centre.

The Live Site screens were set up by the London 2012 Organising Committee, to show the latest news, interactive events and live coverage of the London 2012 Games, screening a broad range of UK-wide and local content.

The screen games have been extremely popular with more than 11,000 games played, which equates to over 183 hours of game play. Phew! Following its popularity the sites have also generated nearly 5000 registrations to the Spots v Stripes hub helping Cadbury’s game-playing mission.