Nintendo’s Animal Crossing: New Horizons

We have been supporting our friends at Nintendo with the launch of one of the most anticipated (and potentially cutest) games of the year where players are invited to transport to a deserted island getaway in Animal Crossing: New Horizons 🏝 

It’s the latest in the beloved Animal Crossing series and it has finally arrived to Nintendo Switch. It sees players live out their life as a resident on their very own deserted island; building homes, catching wildlife and tackling the elements (whilst also falling victim to the occasional tarantula, eh Dawko?). 

The Nintendo press office worked hard to ensure key contacts got hands-on with the game pre-launch, drumming up excitement in gaming and wider communities. 

Amongst a sea of memes and plenty of community excitement, the team delivered masses of coverage across mainstream national, gaming and lifestyle press. Highlights include landing a feature on the BBC homepage, 5 star reviews in the Mirror, Daily Star, Telegraph and more, resulting in a 9.4/10 UK average review score. 

The team also worked with top influencers to create e p i c gameplay content across key social channels including YouTube, Twitch and Instagram. We secured content with the likes of Ali A, Claire Siobhan, Kick the PJ, Emily Canham, Dawko and many more. Check out Dawko’s first day on the island, here:

Since the launch, people have been playing the game in the most wonderful yet bizarre ways – from incredible custom designs using the in-game design features, to recreating some frankly quite disturbing scenes – and how can we forget the many, many wonderful memes (our favourites below for your viewing pleasure). We’re proud to have been part of the return of a much-loved series.  

You can escape into the world of Animal Crossing: New Horizons on Nintendo Switch now – go on, a carefree new life awaits you!